The Top 9 Qualities to Look for in Your New Dentist

It is easy to find a new dentist. But finding the right dentist for you and your family can be hard. How do you know which qualities to look for in your new dentist? Do you choose the one closest to you? Or someone whose name you saw on a billboard?

top qualities in a dentist

A lot of it depends on what is most important to you. Do you want a dentist who can take care of all your dentistry needs? Is having a compassionate, caring team the most important? If the dentist owns the practice, does management style make a difference to you?

There are so many things to consider. Dr. Russell Cureton in Salinas, CA, has some advice regarding what you should look for in a dentist. Here he shares the top 9 qualities you should look for when searching for a new dentist.

Quality #1 to Look for in a Dentist: Vision

When a dentist has a solid vision, it is obvious to the patients. Dr. Cureton understands the importance of routine dental visits. He also realizes most patients don’t love visiting the dentist. His vision, which his entire team agrees with, is that each patient is happy and comfortable throughout their care. Their goal is to keep you happy so that you keep coming back.

Quality #2 to Look for in a Dentist: Relational

The best dentists want to get to know you on a personal level. And they allow you to get to know them as well. This helps patients to feel more comfortable and relaxed. It also means no judgment. You want a dental team that spends time with you and is willing to explain procedures and provide education.

Quality #3 to Look for in a Dentist: Trustworthiness

Let’s face it. The dentist and his team put sharp objects in your mouth, which is a tremendously sensitive area that bleeds easily. You want to be sure you pick a dentist you trust. Someone who will take all the necessary (and even unnecessary) precautions to keep you free from pain and injury.

Quality #4 to Look for in a Dentist: Artistic

Even with all the latest and greatest technology, you still want an artistic dentist. After all, if you require a dental crown or bonding or are seeking porcelain veneers, you want a beautiful, natural-looking smile, right?

The best dentists can perfectly marry dental science and art to give you the look you desire that works best for your color, contour, and face shape. Don’t settle for fake-looking teeth. Go with a dentist who can provide you with the smile you have been dreaming of.

Quality #5 to Look for in a Dentist: Communicative

The best dentists know how to communicate with you in a way that you will understand. With all the medical terminology and big words involved in treatments and procedures, it can be easy for patients to get lost in interpretation.

A communicative dentist can distill complex processes and procedures into simple words you understand. He will also take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you completely understand, especially when it comes to a potential treatment plan.

Even more, a communicative dentist will listen to your concerns and address what you came in for. He will hear what is important to you and address your dental issues based on your unique symptoms, needs, and desires.

He will also ensure the entire team is communicative. Do you have concerns regarding finances? Are dental anxieties an issue for you? Do your work and family make it hard to schedule appointments? The team should be able to help you address all your concerns.

Quality #6 to Look for in a Dentist: Passion

When looking for a dentist, you want to find someone passionate about dentistry. The best dentists spend a lot of time in continuing education and giving back to the community. They enjoy creating beautiful, strong smiles, and they do what they can to give you plenty of reasons to smile.

Quality #7 to Look for in a Dentist: Comforting

Your dentist and the dental team will spend a lot of time “up close and personal.” Their faces are next to yours, and their hands are in your mouth. You want to be sure you choose a dentist who is comfortable being so close to you and who you are comfortable being so close to.

Quality # 8 to Look for in a Dentist: Versatility

Most patients prefer not being referred out for every dental need. If you like sticking with a team you know and don’t want a referral for a root canal, teeth whitening, orthodontics, porcelain veneers, or one-day dental crowns, you want to choose a dentist who can meet most or all of your dentistry needs.

Quality #9 to Look for in a Dentist: Referrals

What do others have to say about the dentist and dental team? While you can ask their friends who they like, they could also refer you to someone who is not the best choice for you. Online referrals can actually be the most trusted resource.

Choose the Best Dentist in Salinas, CA

If you are in the Salinas, CA area, Dr. Cureton has the qualities you are looking for in a new dentist. He and his team strive to provide their valued patients a compassionate, kind, friendly, gentle experience. They believe in talking to you on your level and making sure you completely understand. They are also committed to continued education and serving the community.

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If you would like to know more about Dr. Cureton and his team, check out their patient testimonials. Then, give them a call today at (831) 449-8363 to schedule your appointment.

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