Importance of Bi-Annual Cleanings

It can be easy to skip out on a dental cleaning when you don’t have any specific aches or pains to deal with. But as you’ll read here, routine dental cleanings are the key to a healthy, happy mouth. If you want to maintain your beaming smile, coming in for a bi-annual checkup with Dr. Cureton is the best way to do so!

A Clean Mouth

You brush and floss on a daily basis at home. Great! So, why do you need to have a professional cleaning?

First of all, a professional eye can catch things you may not. Your dentist is better able to see any developing tartar, and with the help of sophisticated tools, they can reach every crevice of your mouth for maximum cleaning coverage. Plus, if your dentist notices problems with how you clean your teeth, they may be able to offer suggestions on how to brush more effectively at home.

Early Detection & Prevention

It is important to detect any issues with the teeth and mouth early on, before they degenerate and become impossible to fix. When your dentist is regularly monitoring your mouth, they may be able to notice the onset of gum disease or oral cancers before they become noticeable to you. Here are some common screenings conducted during cleanings:

  • X-rays: Carrying out X-rays will allow us to use digital methods to detect tooth decay, cavities, bone loss, and other issues.
  • Oral cancer: Your face, gums, and tongue will also be examined for oral cancer. Your dentist has a trained eye that can detect precursors to oral cancer, and the sooner it is detected the better. Discussing your patient history with your dentist is also important at this stage, as any tobacco consumption or history of oral cancer will come into play.
  • Tooth decay: Dr. Cureton and his team will examine the surfaces of your teeth to determine if there are any signs of decay that may need to be attended to.
  • Gum disease: Periodontal disease, or gum disease, can also pose dangers to your health, which is why your gums and bones will be carefully examined for warning signs. 
  • Restorative work: If you’ve had any restorative work done in your mouth, such as implants, fillings, or dentures, the dentist will also ensure they are functioning as they should and not causing any collateral issues. If necessary, you can then plan for replacements.

To avoid a late diagnosis, come in for an office visit with Dr. Cureton and his staff twice a year. This allows you to quickly resolve any minor issues, such as small cavities or loose fillings. You can even find solutions to problems like bad breath and tea stains.

By detecting the early signs of more serious conditions, you can also reduce your risk of developing secondary health problems, like strokes and heart attacks. In addition, when you see the dentist bi-annually and catch issues early on, you end up saving yourself thousands of dollars in potential restorative repairs, making the cost of a checkup well worth it.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning Today

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