Can You Use Invisalign With Missing Teeth

Invisalign has been helping many people to feel their best about their smiles. It also helps them not to feel self-conscious; like so many do when they wear regular braces. Like most people, you probably want to know if you can use Invisalign even if you have missing teeth. In this post, we want to address this question and more.

Can You Use Invisalign

Before determining if Invisalign is right for you, it’s important to understand just how it works. Simply put, Invisalign uses a series of custom-molded aligners to straighten your teeth, invisibly. The process is fascinating.With this information, it’s easy to see that even if you have missing teeth, Invisalign is still an option for you. Yes, there are a few caveats. For this reason, it is challenging to give a definitive answer. For instance, the main determination rests on the recommendation of your dentist and whether he or she believes you are a good candidate.Sometimes, the decision depends on the location of the missing tooth. For example, a missing front tooth could make the procedure more difficult. If this is the case, you still have options. Occasionally, when a front tooth is missing, your Invisalign dentist can actually create a fake tooth for you. It does mean more dental work, but the end result would be worth it.

Reasons for Invisalign

There are many reasons that people get Invisalign. Some of the most popular reasons are listed below:

They Are Removable

This is one of the biggest pros compared to braces. Even if you have missing teeth or really bad alignment, you can still remove Invisalign when you need or want to.

They Are Invisible

Everyone loves Invisalign because no one knows you are wearing them. It can be embarrassing when you are missing teeth and braces at the same time. Invisalign takes the embarrassment out of aligning your teeth.

Short Time to Straighten Your Teeth

Traditional braces and aligners can a very long time to give you a straighter smile. Invisalign is designed to do exactlywhat you need in a shorter time span. It can take as little as six months and up to two years for severe cases.

They Are Comfortable

Even though you will feel a little discomfort for the first two weeks with each new set, Invisalign is fairly comfortable. Even when you are missing teeth, this doesn’t change the comfortability level.

Fewer Visits to The Dentist

Not many people enjoy going to the dentist a million times especially with a busy schedule. Luckily with Invisalign, you cut down on those visits. Because there are no metal brackets and wires to check, like braces, you do not have to go to the dentist as frequently.

The benefits of Invisalign vary. However, because it is removable and invisible, it is a popular choice. Imagine straightening your teeth in a shorter time span and with more comfort than the average braces. You also won’t have to visit the dentist as often, to tighten any wires or bands.
Even though it presents a challenge, Invisalign is still an option even if you have a few missing teeth. However, at the discretion of your dentist, a different route might prove easier. For example, if you are missing a front tooth, creating a fake tooth allows you to opt for Invisalign. Don’t let the condition of your teeth stop you from inquiring about Invisalign. Missing teeth or severely crooked teeth are no problem. Speak with your dentist thoroughly about it before getting any work done. If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (831) 449-8363.

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