Best Dentist for Seniors in Salinas, CA

Throughout most of our adult lives, proper dental hygiene – combined with regular visits to the dentist – can often be enough to help you manage your smile. You may have a few fillings – even the rare root canal – but if you’ve cared for your teeth successfully and visited the dentist every 6 months, your oral health is often in good shape.

But once we reach our senior years, our oral health can start to change. Seniors have very specific needs when it comes to their dentistry, often requiring more complex interventions to continue to maintain a healthy smile. In Salinas, the best dentist for seniors is Dr. Cureton, as he is skilled and capable in complex cases and the needs of senior dentistry.

What Are Complex Cases and Why is Senior Dentistry Different?

We’re now living longer than ever before. Our teeth and gums were not necessarily designed to stay this healthy throughout our entire lives. Though it is possible to maintain a fantastic smile with proper oral hygiene and dental care, most people make at least a few mistakes along the way, and many more overlook their dental health completely.

This can lead to some complex problems that require more than a simple filling or cleaning. Often, in order to restore your smile, you need some combination of:

Restoring your smile may require a combination of treatments that all work synergistically to re-create form and function. That’s why so many seniors in Salinas and the surrounding towns choose. Dr. Cureton.

Why Choose Dr. Cureton as Your Dentist?

Only select dentists are available to provide treatments for those with more advanced dental needs. It requires not only dental talent and experience, but also a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the mouth. All treatments have to work together in order to provide the best possible makeover of your smile.

As one of the most respected dentists in Salinas, Dr. Cureton is able to address the dental issues that tend to affect seniors. He also provides both cosmetic and general dentistry, thus restoring both the function of your smile and its appearance.

We know you love your dentist. But we also know that many seniors happily make the switch to Dr. Cureton, as he and his office provides:

  • Patience – We won’t rush you through your appointment. We’ll get to know you and create a real relationship.
  • Comfort – Dr. Cureton is known for his calm demeaner, and his ability to really help patients feel at ease during their procedures.
  • Experienced Office Staff – Visiting the dentist is only part of the journey. Our office staff will do everything we can to help you feel at home.

Dr. Cureton has been at this location in Salinas for over 35 years, serving patients just like you that call Salinas home. In addition, dental care needs change when you’re a senior. Dr. Cureton works specifically with a large population of seniors and genuinely knows how to address those dental needs – all while helping you feel welcome throughout your treatments.

With an office that is dedicated to comfort and quality, Dr. Cureton is an excellent choice for seniors interested in a new dentist – one that truly understands their needs.

For more information, please contact our office today at (831) 449-8363.

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